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BiNY will debut at TOC Americas 2017 with its IIoL & IIoT Solutions

2017-09-22 BiNY Read

BiNY will debut at TOC Americas 2017 held from October 17 to 19 in Lima, capital of Peru. BiNY will then showcase its IIoL (Industrial Internet of Lights) and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) solutions based on 4G communication technologies for large ports.


This is the first time that TOC is held in Peru. The infrastructure construction, particularly the construction in the port sector, has a huge potential for development in the new round of infrastructure investment cycle in the Americas, especially in Latin America. BiNY will work closely with the relevant parties to provide advanced, cost-effective professional solutions to the terminal operators, improve equipment utilization efficiency, reduce operating costs, save energy consumption so as to achieve the ultimate goal of building smart and green ports.

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