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BiNY Successfully Bid for the IIoL Project at Qingdao Port

2017-11-13 BiNY Read


On October 20th, BiNY successfully bid for the IIoL project at Qingdao port. BiNY will provide a package solution of IIoL (Industrial Internet of Lights) for all the high mast lights and street lights at Qianwan, Dagang & Shihua terminals. 


Under the project, BiNY will update a total of 2299 sets of high-wattage LED luminaires (including 164 high mast lights & 155 street lights) and carry out the professional customized IIoL solution, which not only meets the energy-saving requirements in building green ports but also realize effective signal coverage and intelligent control on nearly 40 square kilometers of those three terminals using LPWAN technologies based on 4G communication applications at smart ports. 


IIoL refers to the application of IoT(Internet of Things) technology in VeryLargeSpace lighting for industrial users. It integrates BiNY’s high-wattage LED smart flood lights, LED smart street lights, intelligent lighting control system at ports, IoL control devices, software (PC version & Android smartphone version) and cloud databases by combining the latest IoT technologies and BiNY’s private communication  protocol. IIoL can reach the economic, social and environmental goals of improving lighting equipment utilization at ports, cutting operating costs and largely reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.


According to the latest ranking, Qingdao port ranks the eighth in the world and sixth in china. The cooperation between BiNY and Qingdao port will further highlight our leading position in VLS(VeryLargeSpace) lighting and IIoL. BiNY will continue to develop in this market segment, providing professional customized solutions for global customers.


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