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BiNY Successfully Bid for the LED High Mast Lighting Project of the 1st Branch of Zhanjiang Port (Group) Co., Ltd.

2017-11-13 BiNY Read


Recently, BiNY successfully bid for the LED high mast lighting project at the gas station yard area of the 1st branch of Zhanjiang Port (Group) Co., Ltd. Under this project, BiNY will provide a one-stop LED high mast lighting solution, including design, construction, installation, commissioning, etc.


LED high masts are a core part of the hardware facilities of BiNY IIoL(Industrial Internet of Lights). Besides its basic lighting function, it serves as the main physical support for the enterprise private  4G/5G network.


Realizing the objectives of "green port" and "smart port" has always been the highest purpose of BiNY as a solution service provider. BiNY will continue to implement sustainable development strategies based on providing value-added services for industrial customers.

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