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BiNY’s X-lab Completed in Shanghai

2017-11-29 BiNY Read


On 20th November, BiNY’s X-Lab, an IIoL(Industrial Internet of Lights) and IIoT(Industrial Internet of Things) solutions laboratory was officially opened at BiNY’s R & D Center, Zhujing Industrial Park, Jinshan District, Shanghai.

The lab, with a total construction area of 1,100 square meters and a 9-meter-ceiling-height, is made up of three theme spaces: Product display area, Digital sandbox demonstration area and Live demonstration area. It aims at providing professional visitors a multi-dimensional visual experience.


What differentiates BiNY from other conventional competitors is that BiNY has always aimed to provide a full-stack solution from technology, products, projects implementation to big data, and advocates for multi-dimensional professional services that reflect BiNY's unique perspective on the port industry and continous attempts to increase customers’ loyalty. Visitors will operate and test all facilities at the lab to experience the real performance of BiNY’s IIoL, a spin of IoT, and check out how  the application, the connection and the cloud work and interact efficiently. Such excellent demonstrations will enable users to find out the right solution customized for them.


X-lab is focused on the application of smart lighting-for green ports with a variety of real scenarios like STSs, RTGCs, Container Yards, Jetties, Tunnels, Roads, Overpasses, Bridges and so on by adopting IoT technologies on the basis of 4G/5G communication.

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