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BiNY´s Industrial Internet of Lights Lands at Rizhao Port

2017-12-24 BiNY Read

The implementation and construction of the Industrial Internet of lights solution is an important manifestation of the port operators' advance into smart ports and green ports stages of innovation. BiNY received the notification from Rizhao Port of our successful bid, which will allow us to make a smart and green retrofit of the high mast luminaries.


BiNY will make use of the 400W intelligent LED floodlight produced at the company as the means to provide the Industrial Internet of lights solution at Rizhao Port. This is another breakthrough made by BiNY in major ports along Shandong's coast after the port of Qingdao project.


BiNY's scope of work also includes the maintenance and retrofit of the existing high masts’ poles,  and will gradually adopt BiNY's own 3G Lowering and raising system.

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