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The National Standard of Smart Lighting at Port by BiNY Issued

2018-03-27 BiNY Read

The whole port industry in China will have its new standard of smart lighting --- Technical Requirements on Intelligent Lighting Control System at Port (JT/T1186-2018), co-formulated by BiNY and China Water Transportation Planning& Designing Institute. The standard has been officially issued by the Ministry of Transport. The date of its implementation will be May 1, 2018.


This standard separately specifies general, functional and technical requirements on intelligent lighting control system at port, which is applicable to intelligent lighting control system at terminals, yards and the backup yards. It is the very first standard that stipulates technical requirements on intelligent lighting control at port in the world with forward-looking significance. Basing on this standard, BiNY has taken the leading position in promoting the overall Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial Internet of Lights) solutions that combine IoT technology with VeryLargeSpace Lighting. BiNY has undertaken such projects in Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe and other places to bring more advanced, more efficient and more reliable intelligent lighting control systems at port for global terminal users.


BiNY is ready to enhance communication with domestic and overseas port operators, research institutes and peers in the industry to better promote this technology standard, and make a due contribution to green and smart ports.


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