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Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Co., Ltd. Signed

2017-06-09 BiNY Read

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On June 9th, BiNY signed strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Co,Ltd. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the fields of industrial IoL(Internet of Lights), intelligent transportation system and smart city construction, etc.

 IoL world toward the vision of “a smart earth”, BiNY— an expert of Industrial IoL, has developed professional 4G/5G communication-based lighting control solutions by integrating up-to-date technologies with VeryLargeSpace luminaires, which can be widely used in such lighting scenes as municipal transportation, ports, airports, tunnels, parking lots and so on.  

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Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Co., Ltd. is invested by STEC, CRRC and other well-known enterprises with its core business in intelligent transportation construction, investment and operation. It aims to be a leading intelligent transportation operator in China by integrating the most advanced resources in this industry.

Under this strategic cooperation agreement, BiNY will cooperate closely with Shanghai Intelligent Transportation Co,Ltd so as to build an intelligent, green, safe and efficient world.

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