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BiNY’s IIoL Solution Obtain Government Financing via Shanghai Technology Innovation Fund

2017-06-19 BiNY Read

An IIoL (Industrial Internet of Lights) solution from BiNY based on the latest communication technology obtain government financing via Shanghai Technology Innovation Fund for Small & Medium Enterprise.

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Based on its relentless pursuit of in-depth application of IoT (Internet of Things), and with its practically rich application experience in VeryLargeSpace Lighting, BiNY first put forward the concept of IIoL (Industrial Internet of Lights) and has been devoted in R&D of systemic products and solutions in this regard. Recently, as its very first IIoL project has been smoothly implemented and transferred to the user, a number of on-going projects will soon be completed. BiNY will be committed to promoting this technology in the construction of smart airport, smart port, smart road and smart city. 

Being a part of “The Plan of Improving Innovation Ability of Technological Enterprises in Shanghai” in 2017, the government financing will accelerate BiNY’s exploration of cutting-edge technologies so as to provide industrial users with better IIoL products and solutions.

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