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The World's First Wide-Area Wireless Industrial IoL (Internet of Light) Project at Port Transferred to User

2017-07-25 BiNY Read

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On June 7th, 2017, the world’s first wide-area wireless industrial IoL project at port, which was designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by BiNY, was formally transferred  to the user— Zhanjiang Port (Group) Co., Ltd.

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In the project, BiNY independently developed a complete set of industrial IoL system which includes intelligent gateway, controllers, corresponding computer software and an Android-based smart-phone app that applicable for the complicated large-scale industrial environment at port. 

With the effort of onsite technicians from BiNY, the system has run stably and reliably for months of trial operation, gradually meeting the goal of saving energy, increasing performance and reducing manual cost of on-site operators at a large extent.

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The system has adopted BiNY’s cloud service. Given that the straight distance between Zhanjiang and Shanghai is about 1555km, the system runs stably and well, which proved the maturity and reliability of the IoL solution developed by BiNY with its many years’ effort and resource.


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