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BiNY Win the Bid for High Mast Lighting and Intelligent Control at Railway Yard

2017-07-24 BiNY Read


On July 22, BiNY won the bid for 30m high mast lighting and IIoL(Industrial Internet of Lights) construction at the railway yard of Landbridge Group, Rizhao.


BiNY will provide a complete set of lighting equipment and VeryLargeSpace intelligent lighting control solution, including 11 pieces of 30m high masts and matched high-wattage LED flood lights, intelligent lighting control system— control devices, software (PC version and Andriod mobile phone version) and cloud database, which can realize wireless communication and control based on cloud platform for the overall set of high mast lighting equipment. 


Although a number of domestic and international enterprises participated in the bidding, BiNY finally won the bid with its perfect solution, advanced technologies and immediate and reliable maintenance service throughout the product life circle.  

This is the very first time BiNY applies IIoL at railway yard area.

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