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BiNY to Launch New Wireless Intelligent Lighting Control Project

2017-04-24 BiNY Read

BiNY recently won a contract with Landbridge Group to build a wireless intelligent lighting control system for 58 30-meter high masts in Landbridge port area.


Under this EPC contract, BiNY will offer a complete system of control devices, software, App, cloud database for the high masts at Landbridge Port that cover nearly 10 square kilometers of lighting area (including oil terminals, ore terminals, bulk terminals and stacking yards). The system can realize data detection and real-time wireless control on every single high mast.


This is once again BiNY’s large-scale industry IoT project following its wireless intelligent lighting control project at the terminal of Zhanjiang Port Group, demonstrating BiNY’s comprehensive strength in intelligent lighting control and industry IoT technology. 

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